Wednesday, March 13, 2013

School and Community Relations Week 3: Evaluation Process

Describe the evaluation process that you will use to assess the outcomes of the proposed family-school-community partnership.
My goal is to increase the number of parents who attend grade level informational meetings by incorporating them with Open House or a student performance since more parents seem to attend those meetings. We use sign in sheets for every meeting we have. I will be comparing parental attendance numbers from this year (when the two types of meetings were not merged) with next years numbers (when the two types of meetings will be merged. I will also gain teacher opinion through a survey. I want to know how successful they feel the new meetings have been and if they feel they have better informed parents because of the new meetings.
What are the measurable goals that you have established for the proposed family-school-community partnership? What criteria will you use to determine if the partnership has met those goals?

We have low parental attendance at informational meetings and high parental attendance at Open House or PTO meetings when the kids perform. By merging the two types of meetings into one, I feel that it is difficult to set a goal. I hope the number of parents who attend the new merged meetings will represent at least 80% of the grade level’s population. I will measure this by using the sign in sheets and counting the number of kids that were represented. I can then compare the data with the data for each type of meeting from the previous year.
I also hope that the data will show a positive impact on student achievement for those students whose parents attend. I can measure this by looking at their grades and talking with the teachers to see if they feel the students are performing better after the meeting.
Another area that needs to be looked at is parent/teacher communication. Hopefully, by getting more parents to school, our staff can begin to foster relationships with parents, in turn making them feel more comfortable coming to school and supporting us at home.  
How do you envision using the data that will be generated from the evaluation process?
I hope the increase is significant and I plan to report back to my faculty after we have had the meetings during the next school year. I will share with them the percentages of the previous year’s meetings and the percentages from the new meetings. If we receive positive increases and I feel that is a valid argument to continue the combined meetings.

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  1. Keri, I think you can make goals related to student achievement. For example, By increasing parent involvement at informational meetings, student achievement will increase in all subjects. This can be measured by student grades, test scores, and teacher reports. You could even break that down into 2 or more separate goals, like one for reading improvement & another for math. That way you have at least 3 measurable goals. I'm thinking that they probably want us to have at least 3 like in the last assignment.