Wednesday, March 13, 2013

School and Community Relations Week 3: Timeline

Discuss ideas with principal

Keri Grimsley, principal, asst principal
Introduce my ideas and present my data regarding the number of parents who attend open house type activities and PTO meeting where their child performs with our standard grade-level informational meetings. Get the go ahead to present to the entire faculty.
March/April 2013
Gather data to form a presentation.

Keri Grimsley, secretary
The secretary keeps our sign in sheets for all of our meetings. I can gain copies of them from her, and then compile my data into a presentation for the faculty. I will also use information gained from this class regarding parental involvement when presenting to the faculty.
April 2013

Compile data and form a presentation for the faculty.

Keri Grimsley
I will use Excel to form visual charts to present my data for each grade level. I will present using either PowerPoint or a Google Docs slideshow.
April/May 2013

Present to the faculty.
Keri Grimsley
I will present all my data and information to the faculty.
May 2013

Gain insight from teachers.

Keri Grimsley, faculty
Send out a survey asking for suggestions.
May 2013

Plan and implement meetings.

Keri Grimsley, administration, faculty
Collaborate to organize meaningful meetings that combine open house/student performances with informational meetings.
Summer 2013/August-September 2013

Keri Grimsley, secretary, administration, faculty
Gather and compile data to compare the numbers from the 2012-2013 meetings with the new 2013-2014 meetings. Send out a survey to the teachers regarding their thoughts on the new meeting process and if they feel it has impacted parental involvement in their classrooms as well as student performance
Fall 2013/Spring 2014


  1. Keri, great job on your timeline! On the "when" column for the "Plan and implement meetings", did you mean to put the ending date of 2014? Should the "Evaluate" also be 2014? I'm asking because I noticed that you're going to compare date from 12-13 to 13-14. I was reading something recently that said that offering incentives to parents such as food/dinner, provided childcare, spanish interpreters, and door prizes might be beneficial to getting them to attend a school function at night. You could probably even get that donated through community partnerships. I hope that helps!

  2. Looks good, Keri. The only thing I would consider is changing the wording on the Who? to your name and/or title instead of "myself". I like Christa's idea of incentives, too.

  3. I thought you did a great job Keri. Should you maybe involve the some parent representatives as part of the planning process? Just a thought. :) Everything looks really good.