Saturday, December 7, 2013

Learner-Centered Professional Development Session

Session Purpose: Identify weak areas in math through disaggregation of data and discuss approaches to improve in those areas.

Learning Objective to Be Addressed: Improve Weak Math Areas
Approving Principal: M Reynolds
Presentation Date: Jan 6, 2014
Grade Level:
2nd & 3rd
K Grimsley
Start Time:

Learner-Centered Activity
Estimated Time
Review most recent benchmark data (broken down by teacher) and list the 3 lowest and the 3 highest areas.
Teachers are looking at their own data and finding their strong and weak areas.
Each teacher will bring his or her print out from Aware (our data tool). They will look at individual TEKs and list their 3 strongest and their 3 weakest TEKs.
Print benchmark data

List 3 strongest and 3 weakest areas
10-15 minutes
As a grade level, compare and compile your strongest and weakest TEKs.
Teachers can see where they are similar and different regarding their strengths and weaknesses.
As a group, the teachers will take turns sharing their findings. They will compile a list to share with the other grade level.
Come together

Take turns sharing findings

Compile a list
15 minutes
The whole group, lead by the facilitator, will review findings and share strategies for improving these areas.
Teachers will gain knowledge from each other regarding new techniques or strategies to use when teaching specific TEKs.
As a group, we will look at weak areas, chances are, someone was strong in that area. We will share out strategies and techniques to try.
Look at the first weak area.

Ask if anyone had this as a strength.

Share out strategies and techniques.

Teachers take notes.

Repeat for each weak area.
30 minutes