Sunday, March 24, 2013

Action Research Update

My action research project goal is to determine if the campus climate can be improved by allowing the teachers to voice their concerns and opinions regarding the schedule. When I sent my initial blind survey to assess the campus climate, I was surprised to see that the overall climate average was higher than what I thought it would be (which would lead me into a new project if I was actually an administrator- why is the climate rated so high when we have so many grouchy people?). I then sent my second survey which gave the teachers and staff opportunities to comment on different areas. I was so excited to see that people really opened up and were honest. My administrator gave me the go ahead to send the survey and collect all the data. So, the survey came from me, not administration, and I think that really helped people open up. I have compiled the surveys and handed them over to my administrator. We have planned a day to sit down and dig in to the schedule for next year. I still need to sit down with each grade level, between now and the meeting with my administrator, and get their input. Our biggest challenge is the PE rotation schedule. I plan to ask each grade level their two preferred times, then try to work around everyone. We also have to consider our RtI pullout. The RtI teacher will be meeting with us to discuss the schedule. We are hoping to have more time slots for her to pull kids. Right now, she is limited in the amout of kids she can get to. The purpose of our meeting is not only to create the new schedule, but also to look at our teachers and possibly move some around.


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  1. It looks like you are on the right track! Hope you continue to progress with no flare-ups!