Thursday, February 7, 2013

CARE Model

Tool 8.1 CARE Model: Planning Tool

Identify Concerns that must change

1. We must utilize our time to better serve our struggling students.
2. We must try to improve campus climate by implementing a schedule that takes everyone’s opinions into consideration.
3. We must promote sharing through surveys instead of campus gossip/griping/complaining.

Identify Affirmations that must be sustained 

1. Teacher/staff support and commitment to the new schedule.
2. Administrative support in holding the staff accountable for their responsibilities.
3. Organized activities for support staff to best utilize their time with the kids. 

SMART Recommendations that must be implemented:

1. Are there enough RtI teachers to serve the amount of kids we have?
2. Are there staff members with free time that could help out with struggling kids?
3. Can the schedule be altered in a way that increases time spent with the struggling kids?

EVALUATE – Specifically and Often

1. surveys
2. team conferences
3. staff meetings


  1. I like your #3 under concerns that must change. Griping, complaining, and gossips gets nothing positive in return. We will disappointed every time one of these are an option. We have to look at the data and except it.

  2. I have to tell you before I looked at the comments I said oh goodness if she solves #3 I need the scoop cause it can be so destructive to a whole campus climate!!! and then the comment came up and Scott targeted it too! What a true statement and how so many things might make productive changes if it was done in a method excluding the gossip and complaining! I bet you are going to have alot of comments on #3. Nice point!!!

  3. I also think that we need to utilize our time with the kids wisely. With all the demands on teachers and students, it's hard to find that quality time for either, but we must help those struggling students! I also agree with Ginger and Scott. It is so draining to us all to hear those who gripe. It is what it is, let's move forward and make a change! Complaining doesn't help anyone! Good work!